"Catering For All Occasions"


Finger Buffet Menus

Menu One

Selection of Sandwiches
(Ham, Salmon & cucumber, Egg & cress, Cheese salad)
Pork Pie
Scotch Egg
Sausage Roll
Savoury Vol-au-vents
(Prawn & Marie rose, Chicken & mushroom)
Vegetable Quiche
Fresh Fruit Tartlets
£5.60 per head

Menu Two

Selection of Sandwiches
(Ham salad, Egg & cress, Cheese & pickle)
Chicken satay
Cocktail Sausage
Savoury Vol-au-vent
Salmon & Cucumber
Quiche Lorraine
Homemade Cake
£5.45 per head

Menu Three

Selection of Sandwiches
(Cheese, Ham, Salad)
Sausage Roll
Pork Pie
Fruit Cake
£4.35 per head

Menu Four

Selection of Sandwiches
(Cheese, Ham, Salad)
Pork Pie or Quiche
Sausage Roll
Individual Danish pasties
£4.00 per head


Brown Bread Diamonds /Smoked Salmon
Selection of Bite sized Sandwiches
Stilton & Cream Cheese Pastries
Cheese & Grape Spears
Vegetable Samosas
Cheese & Olive Palmiers
Chocolate Petit Fours
£6.35 per head


Tea, Coffee & Cordials£ 1.00 per head
Second choice of Sweet £ 1.00 per head

Create your own Finger Buffet.
A selection of sandwiches,
Open sandwiches or French bread.

Plus choose any 6 of the following for £5.60 per head

Sausage Rolls
Pork Pie
Quiche, (Cheese & Onion, Vegetable, Salmon & Broccoli)
Chicken Satay
Mini Savoury Eggs
Vegetable Samosas,
Spring Rolls
Indian Bites
Pizza puffs
Chicken Sticklers Lemon & Ginger
Cheese & Pineapple/Onion
Spicy Chicken Wings
B.B.Q, plain or Tikka Chicken Drumsticks
Cocktail Sausages
Savoury Vol-au-vent (Chicken & Mushroom, Coronation Chicken, Salmon & Cucumber, Prawn)
Stilton and Cream Cheese Pastries / Oat Cakes
Crudités & Dips
Crisps and Savouries
Or a selection of sandwiches.
Open sandwiches or French bread.

Plus choose any 6 from the list above and 1 of the following sweets for £6.10 per head

Mini Danish Pastries, Muffins
Fresh Fruit Tartlet, Chocolate Eclairs, Fruit Cake, Iced Buns
Mixed Fruit Platter, Individual Pastries, Egg Custards,
Fruit Meringue Nests
Hot Apple & Blackberry Pancake Rolls
Choux Buns,
Mixed Petit Fours.

Or for 50p Extra have any ONE of the following.

Trifle, Banoffi Roulade
Lemon, Raspberry,
Strawberry Cheesecake,
Lemon Meringue Pie,
Chocolate Fudge Cake

All prices are subject to VAT at 15%